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Spencer Corwin

Co-Founder, CEO, Software Engineer
Spencer Corwin headshot

Spencer is an experienced software engineer and co-founder of Microgreen Manager. Spencer recently left Meta Platforms (previously called Facebook) to create Microgreen Manager, a company that aims to help microgreens farmers manage their production and logistics. Spencer has a passion for building high-quality software that people love, and he has a growing interest in local, sustainable food production.

Garrett Corwin

Co-Founder, COO, Microgreen Farmer
Garrett Corwin headshot

Garrett is the owner of Piedmont Microgreens and co-founder of Microgreen Manager. Garrett earned his master’s degree from Duke, which focused on improving the environmental business practices in for-profit companies. He spent two years working on the Duke Farm and a summer interning for Freight Farms. The Duke Farm taught Garrett about regenerative agriculture. Freight Farms taught him about indoor and high-tech agriculture. He has a passion for farming, in all its forms, and teaching others how to grow and sell microgreens.